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July 05 2019

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April 09 2014

January 08 2014

Google doesn’t quite like the hCard microformat

Google supports microformats for quite some time now. But it seems to be pretty bad in reading and understanding the specs.

This snippet:
<h1 class="vcard"><img src="foo.gif" class="fn org" alt="Foo & Co. Inc"/></h1>
should be parsed to something like:
fn: Foo & Co. Inc.
organization-name: Foo & Co. Inc.
I am referring to the organization-name property which is not explicitly stated in the snippet. But a microformat parser should parse it from the org property. Why? Because the spec says so:
Thus if an "ORG" property has no "organization-name" inside it, then its entire contents must be treated as the "organization-name"
Now guess what happens in Googles parser. Right, it complains about “Missing required field organization-name”.
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December 11 2012

October 25 2012

August 23 2012


Open the SLIMTIMER and click on a task to start the clock and click again when you're finished. If you've completed the task click the checkbox to mark it off. Close the browser when you're done.
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May 12 2012

psd.js: You Guessed It - A Photoshop Document Parser in CoffeeScript

psd.js is a general purpose file parser for PSD files created in Photoshop. Given a PSD file, it can parse out information such as image size and color modes, image resources, layer info, image contents, etc.
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April 12 2012

A very comprehensive article on HTML5 async: Thinking Async - http://t.co/ICPjqhuC by @chriscoyier
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April 09 2012

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December 28 2011

Play fullscreen
Teaching Kids To Code - YouTube
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December 26 2011

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Developer's Life - YouTube
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December 16 2011

Safari is (sort of) an HTTP illiterate

Note to self: At least Safari 5.1.2 on Windows does not respect HTTP cache control headers when they explicitely state that a page should never be cached and is expired from start.

Instead Safari always uses a cached version of the page when navigated via the back button. It’s likely Chrome and other versions of Safari are also affected. This has already been mentioned by Dave Meehan.

It seems there is no way to make Safari behave via HTTP. Only solution so far is to add an unload handler—which can be completely emtpy.

I feel dirty using this.

Thank you Apple t(-_-t)

July 26 2011

May 26 2011

Annoying.Js: How to be an Asshole with Javascript

Kilian Valkhof hat in einer einzigen Functions.js alle Javascripts zusammengefasst, die das Benutzen von Website möglichst unangenehm machen und garantieren, dass möglichst wenige Leute auf die Seite kommen:

In January I came across a website that had a whole slew of JavaScript that attempted to prevent you from selecting text, right clicking or dragging any content onto your desktop. I decided to copy the JavaScript and create a library with examples of JavaScript techniques you can use if you want to scare your visitors away, or want to piss them off. Annoying.js is the result.

* Resize the window to fullscreen (1024×768 always)
* Disable right click so users can not copy!
* Make certain we’re not loaded into an iframe
* Disable users dragging photos or text to they can’t copy them
* Disable users selecting text to they can’t copy them
* Most users accidentally close the web page. Remind them of this.
* Disable users copying text via shortcuts

Annoying.Js: How To Be An Asshole (via Waxy)

Annoying.Js: How to be an Asshole with Javascript - Nerdcore
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May 18 2011

May 04 2011

May 02 2011

Building Cross-Platform Apps Using jQuery Mobile

Ein Microsofti über JQuery Mobile. Nette Einführung ohne großes Trara um die Funktionalität.

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August 09 2010

Behind the scenes of a 1K graphics demo

Programmer/designer [Steven Wittens] has posted a fantastic write-up on the black art of producing compact demo code, dissecting his own entry in the 1K JavaScript Demo Contest. The goal is to produce the best JavaScript demo that can be expressed in 1024 characters or less and works reliably across all standards-compliant web browsers.

[Wittens] details several techniques for creating a lot of visual flash in very few bytes, including the use of procedural graphics rather than fixed datasets, exploiting prime numbers to avoid obvious repetitions in movement, and strategically fudging formulas to save space while adding visual interest. These methods are just as applicable to other memory-constrained situations, not just JavaScript — some of the contest entries bear a resemblance to the compact microcontroller demos we’ve previously showcased, except running in your browser window.

The contest runs through September 10th, allowing ample time to come up with something even more clever. Whether he wins or not, we think [Steven] deserves special merit on account of having one of the most stylish blogs in recent memory!

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July 28 2010

July 26 2010

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