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December 11 2009

Surviving the Perl/UTF-8 Madness

Perl's idea of UTF-8 support
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December 10 2009

Web Sockets Now Available In Google Chrome

bidirectional communication between browser and server  
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November 30 2009

November 26 2009

November 23 2009

November 19 2009

Scroll Clock http://post.ly/Cx9J
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November 18 2009

November 16 2009

November 11 2009

November 05 2009

links for 2009-11-04

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November 04 2009

XSL-FO hint: break-after & break-before don’t work on fo:list-item, fo:list-item-label and fo:list-item-body

To force breaks inside of fo:list-blocks use break-after and break-before on fo:block (which you can place inside inside fo:list-item-label and fo:list-item-body) instead.

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November 02 2009

Google Webmaster Tools: “Rich Snippets Testing Tool”

Worth a try to test your RDFa and Microformats—but still very very beta.

October 30 2009

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October 27 2009

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October 25 2009

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