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Google doesn’t quite like the hCard microformat

Google supports microformats for quite some time now. But it seems to be pretty bad in reading and understanding the specs.

This snippet:
<h1 class="vcard"><img src="foo.gif" class="fn org" alt="Foo & Co. Inc"/></h1>
should be parsed to something like:
fn: Foo & Co. Inc.
organization-name: Foo & Co. Inc.
I am referring to the organization-name property which is not explicitly stated in the snippet. But a microformat parser should parse it from the org property. Why? Because the spec says so:
Thus if an "ORG" property has no "organization-name" inside it, then its entire contents must be treated as the "organization-name"
Now guess what happens in Googles parser. Right, it complains about “Missing required field organization-name”.
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